This website contains some information about the DVD-Video format. Please see the links below.

Please only link to this page. This site is theoretically under construction. I may re-arrange the directory structure rampantly in the future.

Future plans:


Feb 16 2007: Fixed some bugs/typos in the DVD VMI disassembler script. Thanks to Dmitry Tarasov for reporting the bugs. I hope I rendered your name correctly!

Mar 26 2005: Hmm. Been real lazy on this site! I've added a download link (see above) to the Python library code used by the disassembler. Somebody else might find it useful.

Jun 20 2004: I'm back from my honeymoon and finally got some time to put a little work into this site! Started real work on the MPEG/DVD muxing document. See the "Local documents" link above.

Apr 10 2004: Start work on real site content - see links above.

Apr 09 2004: 10pt text in the VMI docs: Much more readable!

Apr 08 2004: Fixed my email address link below. No more bounces!!!

Apr 06 2004: Fixed some disassembly errors for cp2 fields, and type 5/6 commands. Updated VM documentation to clean up formatting and make it less cramped.

Apr 05 2004: Added new VMI disassembler that will process multiple instructions at a time - ideal for pasting in a whole PGC's commands.

Apr 01 2004: Updated to OpenOffice.org 680 Milestone 32. This seems to fix a lot of the really annoying bugs I was finding with OpenOffice.org 1.1 not remembering all the formatting when saving, and a whole host of strange interactions between cell padding and whether things fit one page - changing vertical padding affects the horizontal fit even if it doesn't change any word-wrapping?????

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